House Chimeric has finally done it!


to tell a story is always to invoke ghosts, to open a space through which something other returns. all stories are, more or less, ghost stories.

Matthew Biederman‘s  Event Horizon is an environment for contemplating perception, threshold and inevitability.

The generative visuals (created with Quartz Composer) present an ever-evolving, dynamic array of banded colour fields that scroll horizontally at varying speeds. The ‘canvas’ is divided into upper and lower sections with a narrow wildcard zone in the middle that contains more diverse oscillating patterns. The modulating tempo of the colour bands is perfectly accompanied by foreboding Ligeti-like sound design that dissonantly drones along with the polychromatic flicker.

…By forcing the projectors into states that they cannot reproduce – it does the only thing it can do – interpolate, creating an unpredictable pattern that we perceive perceives as a ‘third’ image, one that is seen, but is not seen for what it actually is it is … The same can be said for the audio track – using a multichannel environment (quad speaker arrangement + multiple subwoofers), and synthesizing particular tones – the physical sound waves in space create additional sounds that are only made through their interaction with each other and the physical space of the installation.

House Chimeric comes into being. What we are – three designers from different corners of the world united in Scotland, using the medium of lights and sounds to create digital experiences in the real world . We are currently on a mission to visualise and sonify the works of Robert Burns in the Burns Monument in Edinburgh and immerse the audience in his poetry, his life, and his importance. What we are not – plantations, degredations, homogeneous, boring, tender flamingos.