Inspiration Burns

At long last, enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of our final project in this documentary!

In other news, House Chimeric members were awarded our programme’s project prize! Horay!


Projection mapping animations to fit buildings and unique structures is tough… But we often find that documenting our events is even more difficult. After three events, although we’ve gotten more comfortable with projection mapping and timing, we still have trouble filming and photographing our worlds of light-in-darkness. Nonetheless, here are some photos taken by a visitor during Inspiration Burns. We’ll have the full documentary up soon!

Our event got a bit of coverage from the Edinburgh Museum’s and Galleries official page:

House Chimeric designer, Greg Telakis, said: “After the successful debut at the Anatomical Museum, House Chimeric are delighted to return to another historically significant Edinburgh building for our Master’s dissertation. “I’m very excited to have the honour of working at the Burns Monument. It’s such a culturally rich building.”


For Greg’s book animations, I created an opening and closing illustration for our book o’Robert Burns for each of the poems we covered, and each variation of each sequence. See below for some of them!

Inspiration Burns
31 July & 1 August 2012

In darkness swallow’d, the stories gleams alive – this month at the Burns Monument,
the seeds of inspiration sown by Robert Burns’ lifetime of poetry continue to bloom
forth into the realms of digital creativity.

Inspiration Burns is an audiovisual experience unfolding within the heart of the
historical monument on the hills of Edinburgh, which returns the renowned poet to his
place of homage over one hundred and seventy years after his statue was moved from
the site. Inspired by the works, both written and lyrical, of Scotland’s most beloved
literary hero, the student design group, House Chimeric, have created an alternative
experience in visual art and sonic design that situates uniquely within the confines of
the Burns Monument. Each segment communicates a sense of place through visuals
and sound by immersing the audience into Burns’ works, his life, and his worldly impact.
Animations span computer generated, shadow puppet, painted, and abstract styles and
feature an evolving, multi-stratified and spatially-focused music composition based on
a combination of vocal recordings of traditional Burns songs and pre-programmed

Inspiration Burns is a short-run installation open for private viewing on July 31 st, and
open to the public for one day only on August 1st.

House Chimeric are three design students based in Scotland, who specialise in projection
mapping, animation, and generative composition using a broad range of contemporary
and traditional techniques. We orchestrate immersive and emotive virtual worlds at the
crossroads of lights, sound, and physical space. Previous installations include works at
Edinburgh University’s Anatomical Museum and an Edinburgh International Film Festival
2012 piece for New Media Scotland’s Atmosphere series. We strive to bring to actuality the
chimerical whims born from our digital life.

Inspiration Burns – approx. 15 minutes
The Burns Monument
Regent Road

Tuesday 31 July, 1pm – 8pm – private viewing
Wednesday 1 August, 1pm – 8pm – public viewing

Admission is free. For further information, please contact

Taking inspiration from the time-honored tradition of preparing mood and colour boards that lay out the feel of the story before the storyboard and assets get rendered, I used Burns’ life, represented through his poems, as a timeline for the overall story. Each poem represented here is indicative of an event in Burns’ life, and the colours have been chosen to reflect not only the mood of the poem, but his own place in his life as well as his writing career.

In this manner, colour can not only tie together the different subjects of the poems and the different styles of the two artists, but also communicate the emotional impact of each story subliminally. I believe colour can be a powerful tool to join styles and communicate information.