What we are – three designers from different corners of the world united in Scotland, using the medium of lights and sounds to create digital experiences in the real world . We are currently on a mission to visualise and sonify the works of Robert Burns in the Burns Monument in Edinburgh and immerse the audience in his poetry, his life, and his importance. What we are not – plantations, degredations, homogeneous, boring, tender flamingos.

What we will do –

The Burns Monument

What we have done in the past

House Chimeric is –

Greg Telakis, Ana Roman, and Ami Bogin. Greg and Ami are visual artists who are graduates of the Edinburgh University Design & Digital Media MSc programme 2012, and specialise in 3D and traditional animation, video editing, and projection mapping. Ana is a graduate of Digital Composition and Performance MSc 2012, and specialises in sound design, composition, programmatic sound, and immersive soundscapes for audio visual installations. Currently Greg is based in Germany and Ami and Ana are based in Edinburgh, UK. Please view their individual pages for more information!

The denizens of House Chimeric can be reached at housechimeric@gmail.com